Meet the panellists

WEDNESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER, 9:00 – 11:00AM  

Straight from the buyers mouth

Should we be talking about 'buyer enablement' instead of 'sales enablement'? While we’re not advocating a complete rebrand of the SE function, there does needs to be a conscious shift to looking at sales enablement through the lens of the buyer.

This mentality is nothing new, and many organisations are already making strides to become more buyer-centric. However, there is still a way to go, and what better place to start the journey than with the buyers themselves.

Join us for the morning as we pull apart the B2B buyer experience, analysing 'what good looks like'. The goal of the morning is to have an open and frank conversation with our buyers to better understand the impact that different experiences have on the end result. We'll digest this information and discuss what it means for sales, marketing and sales enablement departments, highlighting the opportunities for your business.

The good, the bad, the ugly. We get the low-down on B2B buyer experiences, straight from the buyers mouth

Crafting better B2B buyer experiences



Stephen Casey

During the growth of digital, Stephen has planned, implemented and managed existing and emerging Internet technologies. He has been personally responsible for the successful inception, delivery and resourcing of major projects and complex, global digital portfolios. In his current role Stephen and his team work with HQ partners and national sales organisations to get the most from B2B digital platforms in the areas of CRM, indirect, direct sales, web and more.

B2B Digital Sales and Platforms Manager

David Hurn

Global Head of Procurement – Professional Services & HR

James Smee

Managing Director

James has 20 years experience working in sales and marketing client- and agency-side. He has led some of B2B's most pioneering projects in digital and disruptive strategy and co-founded, built and sold awarding winning B2B digital agency Purestone. James will facilitate our panels, probing our buyers on what impacts their decisions at each stage of the buying cycle.


Tim Norman

Head of Business Development

Tim Norman is a seasoned sales enablement specialist at Showpad. He heads, trains, and coaches the UK, Ireland and Nordics business development team with the focus on building the pipeline for growth. Tim is passionate about understanding the customer journey and adopting innovative approaches to optimise buyer engagement and retention. Having over 10-years of experience in business development, Tim has successfully contributed to the ambitious growth of global SaaS companies including Vocus, ServiceMax and GE.

Nick Copson

Commercial Marketing Director

David is a senior procurement professional with experience sourcing hundreds of millions of pounds in services for business like Grant Thornton, Adecco and IPG. David has experience sourcing across a variety of categories but now specialises in the procurement of professionals services and HR for multinational events and publishing company, Informa. 

Tim Valmas

Head of Technology & Operations

Tim is an  IT Director with over fifteen years of C-level experience in leading financial services organisations to facilitate strategic growth with the commercial insight and industry knowledge to build and operate regulated entities in a controlled and ever-changing environment. Tim excels at selecting and implementing effective technology platforms to solve identified challenges and issues and managing the associated change programmes.


Join us ...

WEDNESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER, 9:00 – 11:00AM  




9:00 am – 9:15 am


James Smee, Bridge

9:30 am – 09.50 am


In our first panel session we chat through the experience of the buyer up until the point of face-to-face contact with potential new suppliers or vendors. We'll be asking questions about discovery, research, the consideration journey, the value of content and the experience of first making contact.

How the day will run

9:15 am – 9:30 am


9:50 am- 10.10 am


In our second panel we look at the early engagement that a B2B buyer has with a business. What works best for the first meeting or call, how do you engage the buyer, what content do they want to see or hear about, what makes a good sales person and how does follow-up effect their decision making process.

10:10 am- 10.30 am


Our third panel explores the closing and early on-boarding stages of a new relationship. What are the traits of a good closer, who is involved in the final decision, what are some tricks that can help give you the edge, what is the transition experience like from sales to active customer.

10:30 am- 10.40 am


In our final discussion we will hear some of the experiences that have left a bad taste in our panelists mouths. Designed to be a constructive session of 'what not to do'.

10:40 am- 11.00 am


James Smee will finish the morning summarising the key learnings and opportunities for sales, marketing and sales enablement professionals.

Andy Cridland

Director, Global Brand Strategy & Planning

Andy leads brand strategy, positioning and activation for BlackRock, iShares and Aladdin. He is the strategic lead for proposition and creative development, media planning, budget control and innovation across BlackRock paid, owned and earned media channels. He is responsible for agency management and relationships in the EMEA region; working with global agencies